Does it seem like your car’s air conditioner just doesn’t blow as cool as it did last year? Even after your car has been idling for a few minutes and you crank the temperature all the way down, it just isn’t icy enough to stave off the sweltering heat of summer. Don’t worry. It doesn’t mean your entire air conditioning system has failed. It might just mean it needs to be recharged.

Why does it need to be recharged?

Over time, the refrigerant might leak out. Many auto parts stores sell refrigerant refill kits for around $50. However, these kits don’t address the issue. You might have some luck recharging the a/c yourself, but it’s best to bring it to the Mills Toyota service team. Not only can we recharge the refrigerant, but we can also inspect the system for any leaks or issues so that you don’t have to refill it over and over.

How do you recharge it?

First, you must identify the type of refrigerant your vehicle uses. If manufactured after 1993, it likely uses r-134a. It’s important to know what kind of refrigerant your vehicle needs, because using the wrong one can lead to more damage. You’ll also need a pressure gauge, dispenser, and safety glasses. Refrigerant is a dangerous chemical that can lead to frostbite and other issues if handled improperly. Then, you attach the dispenser to the low-pressure side of the compressor and follow the procedure for filling the system, which is usually done with the vehicle running and the fan on high. It’s important to fill the system to the correct pressure to avoid any damage.

Sometimes, recharging you’re a/c isn’t the reason your air conditioner isn’t working. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working as well as it should, the Mills Toyota service team can help. Whether it needs to be recharged or there is a bigger issue, our highly trained technicians can find the problem and make sure you can enjoy summer without sweating every time you drive. Contact us online today to schedule an appointment.